Monday, 11 February 2013

Sparkling Hills Resort

This weekend Tracy and I went to Sparkling Hills Resort. We had heard so much about it and what an amazing place it was, we thought we have to go and see for ourselves.

Sparkling Hills is truly amazing!! The drive up to the resort is beautiful, then you reach the top of the mountain and there sits the resort like a diamond in the ruff. Only in this case it is a crystal on the mountain. Sparkling Hills was designed by Swarovski crystal architect Andreas Altmayer, the resort has incorporated 3.5 million Swarovski crystals in almost every element of the property. It is the first public building in the world with crystal architecture.

Our room was amazing along with the spa. The KurSpa is complimentary with your hotel stay which give you access to the 7 unique aromatherapy saunas and steam rooms, experience the showers, igloo 10˚C , indoor pool with underwater music and starry swarovski crystal sky, hot pool, Kneipp water therapy, Keiser equipped fitness studio, Tea and Serenity Relaxation rooms and outdoor infinity pool. There are also a lot of other spa treatments that they have available to you.

I would highly recommend treating yourself to Sparkling Hills Resort. For more information here is their website

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