Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Coldest Night of the Year Walk

There is going to be a challenge between Kelowna and Kamloops to see who can get the most participants out for the Coldest Night of the Year Walk on February 23rd 2013. In Kelowna, the fund-raising walk is being organized by the Gospel Mission's 30k club. The fund-raising walk in Kamloops is being coordinated by The New Life Mission. 

The competition is a friendly one that will benefit the very people both the organizations serve. The more walkers that come out the more money they will raise, the more help they then can provide to the who really need it.

Coldest Night of the Year is a non competitive 5(five) or 10(ten) km winter walk fundraiser for charities that serve the hungry, homeless and hurting in cities across Canada. The walk lets participants experience only for a few hours on a cold Canadian night the challenges faced by the homeless every night.

For more information go to http://coldestnightoftheyear.org/location/kelowna

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