Friday, 24 August 2012

Scammers at it Again in Central Okanagan

If you have people coming to your door looking for donations, be careful as scammers are out there claiming to be canvassers for a children's charity. I guess they feel if they use children, everyone is more likely to give. But what they are really doing is trolling for your personal information, say police. 

These people are showing up on your doorstep and claiming to be canvassing on behalf of UNICEF. They will tell you that you can only donate via debit card or credit card as they are carrying a portable card machine. Police suspect the machine is then capturing your financial information, including your personal identity number (P.I.N.). They are then using that information to make fraudulent cards and withdrawing money or buy things with the fake cards.

In some cases, the scammers will give you a realistic receipt and a Starbucks coffee after the exchange. The scammers may use other charities as well. If you are suspicious, politely decline their request for a donation close your door and report it to the police.

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