Thursday, 16 August 2012

Bats and more Bats

In the warm water around Peachland, you can expect to swim with the bats, not baseball bats, but real live bats. Apparently at dusk the little creatures head down to the water and fly close to the surface to gobble up the mosquitoes. It is the first thing many of them do every evening after leaving their roost in the 6,600 square foot attic they call home. The attic is located in century old Peachland school house on Beach Avenue. There is a nightly departure of an estimated 3,000 bats, the bats don't all fly out at once but it is quite a spectacle for the locals and tourists. This ritual of nature is currently taking place between 8-9 pm. 

The visitors information centre says it has definitely become a tourist attraction. Every Tuesday at 3 pm for the rest of the summer they have a Bat Chat taking people on tours of the old school house, letting them have a look at the slumbering colony via closed circuit cameras. So if you are looking for something to do with the kids or just yourself head down to Peachland at dusk to watch the bats. Or Tuesday afternoon for Bat Chat!

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