Sunday, 12 August 2012

Home Maintenance

This month maintaining grout/caulking and sink drains:

Clean and Replace Grout and Caulk
Inspect the grout in tiled areas of your home, particularly in bathrooms and the kitchen. If grout is cracked or missing, remove and replace it in the affected areas. Grout should be cleaned regularly, particularly if it comes into contact with moisture, to keep it free from stains and mold. Use an old toothbrush and one of these cleaning products: TSP, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, bleach or grout cleaning solutions. Inspect the seal around sinks, showers and tubs and re-caulk any spots where caulk has cracked or separated.
Use a silicone tub and tile caulk.

Clean Sink Drains
If you’ve got a slow-draining sink, take action. First, try a homemade drain cleaner. Mix a solution of equal parts of salt, baking soda and vinegar. Pour it into the drain and chase it down with two quarts of boiling water. You can use this solution monthly. Try to avoid chemical drain cleaners; they can damage the pipes and create toxic exposure for you and your family.

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