Sunday, 12 August 2012

Everyday Hero Dr. Moshe Oz

A Kelowna veterinarian and his staff are heroes to a young Vernon boy and his puppy Tasha. Kolby received a mastiff puppy for his birthday present after getting her home it seemed that something was right with the puppy she was lethargic, but the family thought the puppy was just missing her siblings. After four days they took to the local vet and she was diagnosed with parvoviral enteritis (parvo) a serious and often deadly disease. 

The family immediately contacted the breeder to ensure that she would receive the treatment she needed. They were in no position to take care of the bills themselves, only to find out the breeder was in no position to take care of the vet bills either. The breeder call the SPCA asking if they could take the puppy and provide the treatment she needed. The SPCA took the puppy and rushed her to the nearest vet where she received treatment. Dr Oz and his staff provide the 24 hour care that the puppy needed  to save the pup life. When he learnt the family story he offered to cover all the medical costs to save Tasha's life on July 26th the healthy puppy was reunited with her family.

Thank you Dr. Oz! Dr. Oz and his staff are located at the Rose Valley Veterinary Hospital.

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