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It's Tracy I volunteer with the Seniors Outreach Service Society and they are in desperate need of Coffee Hosts and Hostesses, if you can help them out or know of someone that can help them out, please give them a call at 250.861.6180 
There are other volunteer positions available too, if you don't feel this one would be right for you.  A few hours of your time means so much to a lonely senior.
Below I have posted the days, the times and where the coffee breaks are held. To give an idea of the time commitment you would be looking at. You can pick the place or places you would like to volunteer at. Also you work with a partner. 

Seniors Coffee Breaks
Dilworth Group-Apple Valley Seniors Residence - 2055 Benvoulin Court.
Every Wednesdays 9:30-11:00 am * With a Guest Speaker the last Wednesday of the Month

Capri Group - Capri Mall Food Court
Thursdays - 1:00 - 2:30 pm

Mission Group - A&W in the Mission Park Mall area
Mondays - 10:00am -11: 30am

Rutland Group - Activity Room at Fernbrae Manor, 295 Gerstmar Rd.
The 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month - 1:30 - 3:30 pm 

Here is a description of what would be required of you.

It is vital that volunteers present themselves with an open, welcoming, warm and friendly attitude and like language towards all who attend Coffee Break Groups, regardless of race, ethnicity, ability, religion or personality. This is an inclusive group, designed to reach out to those who are isolated or lonely.
As a host at Seniors Outreach Coffee Break Host, I understand my duties to be:
1.     Display information and signage in a visible and easily accessible location.
2.     Greet and welcome each individual who comes. Explain that this is a Seniors Outreach “Coffee Break.”
3.     Show newcomers the information binder. Also, give them a Seniors Outreach brochure and offer them an Elderguide booklet $2.00.
4.     Introduce newcomers to at least two to three others. It is the responsibility of the host to see that they are included in conversation or invited to join in games.
5.     After an attendees first Coffee Break, encourage them to come again next week.
6.     Smile!! we and the clients, thank you for your caring!
7.     Submit monthly log sheet to the Manager of Volunteer Programs, stating volunteer hours, activities and possible areas of concerns.

·     Seniors call our office regularly inquiring about social groups and we refer them to Coffee Break Groups. It is important that all Coffee Break Groups can be easily found and accessed.       
·     We strive to provide 2-3 regular co-hosts. Hosts should work together to best utilize their strengths and abilities, dividing tasks and responsibilities.
·     If a host is going to be absent, we do ask that they contact the Seniors Outreach Volunteer Coordinator as soon as possible to ensure that a relief host can attend in their place, but you maybe called upon with short notice. 
·     Length of the relief position will vary with the regular hosts absences.

By following these guidelines and working together, we can make a real difference in the lives of those older persons who are vulnerable and alone in our community. 

 If you are a senior reading this and would like to attend these coffee breaks please call 250.861.6180 before attending for the first time. The more the merrier!!

Thanks for reading this and helping out if you can!
Have a wonderful day,

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