Saturday, 16 June 2012

Paddling Lake Okanagan

My last post for the day, since the sunny Okanagan has been to sunny for the past couple of weeks I thought I would get some posts in.

I have blogged about Bob Purdy before in Constant paddler's journey nears the end. Well today his is off and paddling again!! He is planning an Okanagan first by stand up paddling the entire 128 kilometre(almost 80 miles) of Lake Okanagan starting at 4am this morning and ending at 10pm tonight. I hope he has the wind at his back. He is doing this to celebrate World Paddle for the Planet Day. World Paddle for the Planet Day is an opportunity to paddle for change.

Bob says:

1. Choose a change you would like to see happen.
2. Paddle for that change on June 16th.
3. Commit to that change until it become reality.
"It could be something as simple as spending the day cleaning up your local beach or as ambitious as joining a movement working to change the we live on the planet."

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