Tuesday, 5 June 2012

How to stage the outside of your Home

Hi, it's Tracy

 I have been so busy helping Steve that I haven't had time to post. But today post is about staging the outside of your home.

You will never get a second chance to make a good first impression, when you are selling your home, it’s critical to make a great first impression. It is as important to stage the outside of your home, as it is to stage the inside. The first thing a buyer sees as they pull up to your home is what is on the outside and that sometimes sets the stage for what they may think they will find on the inside. You don't want to turn a buyer off before they have even come through the front door.
First, make sure your home looks well maintained, perhaps consider doing some little paint touch ups or giving it a fresh coat of paint.  Make any repairs that are necessary, especially the obvious ones.
Go through your yard and clean up any weeds, dead patches on your lawn or dying plants. Consider planting a few new flowers to give it that pop of color. If your doormat is worn out remove it or replace it as you don't want to give the impression that the house is worn out too!

PS. Next week I'm going to share a great cookie recipe I found!

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