Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Wendy's DreamLift Day

Today January 30th 2013 is Wendy's 19th annual DreamLift Day. I bet you are wondering what is DreamLift day, it is a day to raise money for a special needs flight for children to attend Disneyland for a day in December. From 6 am to closing, the nine Wendy's restaurants in the Southern Interior will donate all of the net proceeds from today's sales, plus staffs, managements and owners wages to the Sunshine Foundation of Canada. Last year's Wendy's DreamLift day raised $114,276. 

If you know a child that would qualify, go to their website click on Dream and you can refer a child that is challenged by severe physical disabilities or a life threatening illness.
I'll be heading to Wendy's for dinner tonight hope to see you there!

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