Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Budget Friendly Tricks for Selling your Home.

Often clients are looking for ways to create stylish lookswith limited budgets. Here are some favorite tricks to try for getting the most out of your budget.

Consider painting those cupboards instead of replacing them. Opt instead to update the cabinetry knobs with a modern nickel, porcelain, glass or pewter or splurge on a granite counter top. Small details make a big difference.

Update your existing baseboards if they are small by adding a topper to give the appearance of a larger more elaborate baseboard and repaint. Upgrade inexpensive store bought drapery panels by adding glamor such as jeweled or tasseled fringe edging finish. Dress up standard furniture by adding touches of style with luxurious throws or pillows.

Consider repositioning your furniture. You will be amazed at how a redesigned room makes a fresh statement. Repainting gives many of our clients the biggest bang for their buck…but only if the right color is applied in the correct area in a professional manner. Painting a focal wall a modern design color is a way to
instantly update your look.

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