Monday, 9 April 2012


To Summerhill Pyramid Winery for winning Family Enterprise of the Year award!!

 In 1986 Stephen Cipes a developer from New York bought the vineyards on Chute Lake Road in Kelowna and decided to make them organic as the pesticides and herbicides used on the property ultimately ended up down the hill in the Okanagan Lake.

Their first vintage of wine was in 1990 and the winery has been going strong ever since. Summerhill's wines have won numerous local, national and international awards. Their organic principles have led to accolades and recognition.

Summerhill has also generated a lot of publicity for its pyramid quirks. On the property there is a replica of an Egyptian pyramid where the wine is stored and aged. Pyramid Power is touted as making the vintages taste better.

I can say we were there yesterday and all the wines we tasted were pretty fine!

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