Friday, 20 April 2012

Creating a Stylish Book Shelf

Hi it's Tracy, Steve's wife I have hijacked his blog today and plan to do so once a month. So please let me know if there is anything you would like to see on here.

Today it will about creating a stylish book shelf.

Did you know that bookcases are not just for books. They are great places to display your favorite pieces whether it is art, vases or whatever it is you like.

Mixing books with other pieces adds interest to a shelf. Try stacking books horizontally for even more visual interest. Display books lined up traditionally with a couple of books horizontal at the end or an ornament.

Try to avoid making things too symmetrical, mix in objects of different heights. Or style by theme: group items by color or function.

Styling a bookcase is easy, make a plan and make it work! You may have to play with it for a bit until you find what works for you. I like to play with it for awhile and when I think I have it just the way I want it. I will take a photo, as I know I will go back and tinker with it a few more times and then not be able to put it back exactly the way I liked it!!
Instead of allowing clutter to accumulate on your shelves, make your bookcases an expression of your home’s style.

Have a Wonderful Day!!

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