Saturday, 24 December 2011

Global Website Benefits Every Associate

In his most recent blog post, RE/MAX Chairman and Co-Founder Dave Liniger highlights the competitive advantages of the new website.

Noting that the site includes a robust cache of listings in more than 60 countries, Liniger points out that the launch of the new site is a positive advantage for every single RE/MAX Associate in the network, regardless of whether or not they participate in an international transaction.

Something extremely positive happened last week that will impact every RE/MAX Associate, regardless of whether or not they ever participate in an international real estate transaction.
The debut of represents an enormous step forward for our organization. The project is still in its infancy – even with roughly 60 countries already on board – but it will ultimately connect our worldwide sales force, and their listings and buyers, in a way that’s never been done before.
Over time, will generate more listings, more cross-border sales, more investor clients, more in-network referrals and more brand exposure. The impact will be phenomenal.
RE/MAX Sales Associates will be able to show sellers how their listing will be seen around the world, in the language and currency of the potential buyers. They’ll be able to explain that many of these same buyers are already working with a RE/MAX Sales Associate in their countries. That’s a strong message to add to a listing presentation, wherever you are.
And even if the properties you deal with don’t fit the international profile, you’ll still benefit from the increased exposure, visibility and credibility produced by More than ever, people who prefer major brands over small ones will be even more apt to choose a RE/MAX agent.
Being aligned with a powerhouse global brand gives you resources and advantages that others can’t match. That competitive gap – the difference between RE/MAX and everyone else – just got a whole lot wider.

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