Thursday, 9 May 2013

New Trends in Kitchens

Have you noticed that the kitchen has now become the centre of the home? So much so that outdoor kitchens have also become popular as it allows everyone to congregate outside. Canadians spend more money on kitchen renovations than any other space in their home. If you are planning a kitchen renovation, you might want to check out these growing kitchen trends;

1. NO UPPERS - There is a growing trend in kitchens to do away with the upper cabinets which keeps the kitchen looking light, airy and reduces the bulkiness of older style kitchens.

2. EAT-IN KITCHENS - More and more homes are doing away with islands and work surfaces in favour of making room for tables to allow for the family to eat together and to do homework in a more casual atmosphere.

3. DRAMATIC LIGHTING - Consider installing bold dramatic lighting over your island or eat-in table to make a dramatic statement.

4. TILED WALLS - The trend to tile an entire wall is gaining in popularity. Try basic subway style tile; budget-friendly and will come across as timeless.

5. MATERIAL INSPIRATION - We are seeing everything from rough stone walls, sheet of marble and hammered metal cabinets. Pair these with stunning hardware, beautiful chandeliers and amazing faucets to ensure that your kitchen is the showpiece of your home.

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