Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Lawn Care Tips

Do it now or pay for it during the season.

1. RAKE YOUR GRASS TO AVOID THATCH - Raking your grass isn’t just to get rid of leaves but rather to control thatch. A deep raking removes dead blades of grass that are just waiting to turn into thatch.

2. CHECK FOR COMPACTION - Heavy traffic leads to compaction and lawn aeration in the fall is the remedy.

3. LIMING - The presence of moss plants also signals acidity and grass likes neutral Ph. Solve this problem by liming your soil. You can have your soil analyzed for acidity. Apply lime using a fertilizer spreader. If you lawn is fine and there are no signs of acidity do not lime.

4. OVERSEEDING - Apply a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer when you overseed and to fill in bare patches. Five weeks after the grass germinates, apply a quick-release nitrogen fertilizer Fall is the preferred time to overseed so postpone unless you have bare patches.

5. FERTILIZING - Lawns can be fertilized organically by using compost and mulching mowers. But for those who prefer chemical fertilizers, Scotts is a good one as we find it doesn't burn the lawn. Go for a lighter feeding in the spring and a heavier one in the fall.

6. TUNING UP THE LAWN MOWER - Mowing the lawn is hard enough without having to deal with equipment that is not working properly or won’t start.

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