Saturday, 22 December 2012

Don't Drink and Drive

MADD and the RCMP joined forces for safer roads here in the Okanagan. Some people still are not getting the message that it is not okay to drive after drinking. RCMP are encouraging people to call 911 when they see dangerous and impaired drivers. Police say it is okay to be driving and call 911 only if you have too.

Some signs of impaired drivers to watch for are, people who drive unreasonably fast or slow, drift in and out of lanes, tail-gate or change lanes frequently, disregard traffic lights, drive without head lights, leave turn signals on or drive with their windows open in bad weather.

In attempt to reduce accidents RCMP are placing bumper stickers on their cars that read Report Impaired Drivers Call 911 and MADD plans to erect signs in Kelowna with the same message. The holiday season is upon us, there are more RCMP on the road watching for drunk drivers. Now is the time for other motorists to blow the whistle, police say. People aren't calling the police until it is too late. We want to stop this before a crash happens. If/when you call 911 you should describe the offending vehicle and have its licence plate number.

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