Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Don Saved....

...our butt. We have a rental house here in West Kelowna and the other morning my wife receives an email from our tenant. She said the furnace has gone out, her husband looked at it and can start it but the fan won't run so it just goes back out. I figured it was a broken fan belt. I call the tenant and ask him to check the fan belt well he couldn't even find a fan belt. Apparently newer furnaces don't even have fan belts! I give Don Sheets of Pro-Temp Mechanical Services a call explain the problem and he tells me what he thinks the problem is. He tells me to try cleaning of the flame rod and then try starting it again. Well sure enough it started and is working just fine.

Don didn't have to tell me what to do he could have came out to the house and charged me for a service call, cleaned the rod and then charged me for his time out there. Thank you Don!

If your furnace or air conditioning is in need of servicing don't hesitate to call:
Don Sheets at Pro-Temp Mechanical Services phone 250-862-6724 or email

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