Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Carma Project in Kelowna

The Carma Project is the brainchild of Bruce Stranaghan. Bruce is the owner of Intergra Tires here in Kelowna, he started the Carma Project which is named after the Eastern Religion concept of karma in which a person's deeds affect their future lives. However, in this case it is spelled with a "c" because it involves a car give away. Bruce wanted to give back and something to do with automobiles was obvious for me, he said.

So he started talking to others and fixing up a car with the plans of giving it to someone in need. The Carma Project was born, it gave away it's first car last December and immediately set it's sights on making the give away an annual event. This year a unnamed donor provide the used car that was given to a single mother of 3 yesterday. But before the car was turned over to the winner Carla Miles it had it's brakes redone, engine overhauled, tuned up and was detailed.

Congratulations to Bruce Stranaghan for giving back and Carla Miles for winning the car.

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