Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Has this happened to you?

If so what would you do?

I have clients that I am showing homes, they had requested to see a certain home so I booked an appointment, through our  touch base system. I did this on Saturday for a Sunday morning showing at 11:30. By mid/late afternoon I had not heard back from the agent so I sent another touch base, by Saturday evening I still had not heard from him. I then called his office and had him paged, it is now 8 am on Tuesday morning and I still have not heard back from him. My clients never got to see this house and his clients may have lost out on a sale. It is not like we have a sellers market here, houses are sitting on the market anywhere from 90 days and up. I just sold my clients home after 150 days on the market and it is a beautiful home. Beautiful homes are sitting a long time on the market here, it is not just the ugly ducklings waiting to be sold!

My thoughts go to his sellers, are they aware that their agent is not returning calls? Are they aware that their agent is not representing them to the best of his abilities? One would think in this market that if you get a request for a showing you would do everything you could to accommodate that request. Of at least return the phone call indicating the property can be view at the time requested or indicate that time does not work and give us a different time, is that not the right thing to do for your clients and as an agent??

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