Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Here is a Spring Cleaning Checklist for the Exterior of your Home.

• Inspect the exterior walls of your entire home. Look for signs of winter damage such as splitting wood, peeling paint, mold, etc.
• Do you have brick? It should be cleaned and checked for water damage once a year. If there is mold, mildew, or moss, wash with a solution of 1cup of bleach mixed with 4L of water. Use a natural or synthetic bristle brush. Wire brushes leave traces of steel behind that will rust and discolor the bricks.
• Clean your windows. And If you use storm windows, remove them.
• Use screens? Make sure they are dust-free and sparkling clean before putting them up.
• Check the driveway for cracks or winter damage.
• Clean the steps & driveway with a spray nozzle hose. If moss is visible, pour vinegar on it and scrub.
• Inspect the gutters around the house. Remove debris.
• Inspect the roof, looking for damage and missing or loose shingles.
• Get your deck ready for use. Clean it with oxalic acid, which will penetrate the wood and kill microorganisms. Once dry (24 hours), treat the deck with a sealant.
• Prepare outdoor furniture for use. If you kept the furniture out during the winter months, you need to scrub the surfaces clean. If you stored your furniture, bring it outside and make sure it’s clean.
• The first step to a beautiful, clean garden is to remove weeds. It is important to leave a few, however, as they do have a purpose; they are food for insects and create a covered landscape for little critters.
• Give your garden a filled-in appearance until it grows in. Sprinkle mulch around shrubs, trees, and flowerbeds.say

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