Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Prep your Yard for Winter

It's never to early to to begin preparing your yard and outdoor living spaces for winter.

- Clean patio furniture.
- Move things indoors. Exposure to the elements can cause rust, wear or damage.
- Cover your delicate trees and move your tropical plants indoors.
- Remove water collectors such as bird baths ceramic or glass pots as water expands when frozen and it may cause your containers to crack.
- Remove any leaves or debris as it will suffocate your lawn and cause discoloration. It also makes a great home for rodents and insects looking for a warm home for the winter.
- Cover your vegetable and flower beds. It helps to minimize weeds for next season.
- Care of outdoor ponds. Remove any weeds around it and leaves in the pond. Leaves will decay in the water and build up ammonia levels that can harm your fish.
- Close up your pool before the leaves start to fall.
- And if you are going to plant spring bulbs now is the time to do it.

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