Friday, 26 September 2014

The Best Upgrades for Resale.

If you are getting your home ready to sell there are definitely some upgrades that are worth their costs in helping to attract more buyers, sell your home (hopefully) faster, make back most (or all) of your investment, or even increase the value of your home.


A state of the art kitchen is one of the most popular renovations for earning back most, if not all, of its money. Even if you don't fully gut and renovate, certain upgrades --granite counters, hardwood or high-end tile floors, premium appliances (especially stainless steel), islands and undermount sinks  will attract attention and can increase the value.

Hardwood floors
Especially on the main floor, hardwood is perennially popular with buyers. If your floors are refinished but worn, have them lightly sanded and resealed  or if they're very beaten up consider replacing them.

Premium broadloom
Broadloom is popular too (especially for bedrooms) but only if in top condition. If it's worn, soiled or out of style, replace it with something more contemporary. Neutral, lightly textured weaves such as wool “sisal” are in fashion right now.

Master ensuite

If your ensuite is tired, it's worth upgrading, especially if you can afford a few luxuries such as a whirlpool or air jet tub, separate shower with a rainshower head, double sinks and/or heated floors. If you don't have an ensuite, perhaps you can add one by stealing space from the master bedroom or a room next to it.

Radiator covers
If you live in an older home it can be simple carpentry job, but makes almost any older home seem more gracious.

Upgraded lighting
Old-fashioned track lighting can be easily replaced with more contemporary styles such as smaller cans or halogen track lights. Replace dingy overhead lighting with chandeliers (vintage or modern), or install them in rooms that don't have any.

A finished basement
After kitchens and bathrooms, a stylishly finished basement is high on many buyers' wish lists.

A well-maintained garden with attractive plantings, hardscaping such as brick or flagstone, and special features such as urns or paths, add an elegant look to even a smaller home.

Front porch
If you can, add a full front porch (or replace/repair the one you have if it isn't in good condition) if not, a portico (a smaller porch that shelters the front door) can be a worthy substitute. Or add a deck or patio in the back.

Adding a bedroom
A four-bedroom house will demand a higher price than a three-bedroom, even if they're both the same size. Consider dividing a large bedroom into two small ones (as long as they're not too small, or it can have the opposite effect) or consider converting an upstairs den or sitting room.

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