Friday, 8 March 2013

February's Market 2013

The Okanagan Mainline Real Estate Board (OMREB) reported February’s sales activity down in comparison to the same month last year. Exceptions to the rule were lot sales and Acreage properties which were both up. The impact of tightened mortgage lending rules introduced last year can still be felt. 236 Properties traded hands in February, in comparison to 287 in the previous year which is down 17.77%. Year to date sales are down 8.63% with a total of 455 properties changing hands in comparison to the 498 we experienced last year.

New listings taken last month were also down just over 17% with 784 properties being listed in February in
comparison to the 954 listed in the same month last year. This decrease however is a good thing, as we
have substantial inventory that needs to be absorbed in order to achieve a more balanced market. It is still a
buyer’s market and sellers would be well advised to seek professional advice when pricing their properties prior to putting them on the market as values are dependent on neighborhood, style and inventory level. Attractively priced properties are being sold to willing buyers.

Sellers must remain patient as Days to Sell have been extended to 130 days from last year’s 110. The Average Residential price is $439,786 which is up 2.84% over last year to date indicating that the we might have hit bottom as far as pricing levels are concerned.

Taking into account all other types of Residential property, such as Condominiums and Townhomes, the Average Residential Price drops to $375,122 offering affordable alternatives to home buyers. The recent reduction in mortgage lending rates will boost sales into the spring market.

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Deborah Moore
Managing Broker

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