Thursday, 12 January 2012

Moving Checklist

Closing And Moving - once the contract is firm and all conditions have been removed you are nearing the final stretch. Some of the terms that are negotiated on the contract are closing and possession dates. These dates determine the deadlines for communicating with your financial lender, attorney, movers etc. We will follow-up with your attorney and financial lender to ensure that all the proper paperwork has been received. 
Moving with Children - Often when you are thinking about moving with children, you decide to move in the summer when they are out of school. If you are moving to a new neighbourhood, it is important to think about how difficult it may be for them to make new friends during the summer holidays. Moving during the school year allows them to instantly meet children in the classroom. This gives them time to make a couple of friends their own age, who live in the neighbourhood before the summer holidays.
A Smooth Move:
  1. Prepare a file to keep receipts of moving expenses, you maybe able to claim some for tax purposes depending on how far you are moving and why you are moving. 
  2. Get written estimates from at least two moving companies. 
  3. Go through everything and donate what you no longer need to charity - moving cost is by weight so don't take what you don't need. 
  4. Get packing paper, boxes, pens and tape. 
  5. Transfer the utilities out of your name. 
  6. Change of address for Canada Post, newspapers, magazines, clubs, organizations, doctors, friends and family, services and your insurance company. 
  7. Order new cheques from the bank with your new address. 
  8. Notify the outbound and inbound schools. 
  9. If moving into or out of an apartment, book the elevator. 
  10. Return all items you have borrowed and get back what you have loaned. 
  11. Plan and start early!
    Here is a detailed moving check list:

    TaskDue DateCheck
    Get estimates from moving companies and arrange method of paymentASAP
    Get packing paper, pad for inventory, and marking pens, boxes, and twine for packing belongings25 days prior
    Notify Existing Water Company25 days prior
    Notify Cell Phone Company25 days prior
    Notify Housecleaning Service25 days prior
    Notify Vehicle Registration and Licensing Agency25 days prior
    Notify Existing Internet Supplier25 days prior
    Notify New Internet Supplier25 days prior
    Complete Change of Address form with Canada Post25 days prior
    Notify Lawyer25 days prior
    Notify Finance Companies25 days prior
    Arrange for a yard sale for unnecessary belongings25 days prior
    Notify New Gas/Oil company25 days prior
    Notify Alarm Service25 days prior
    Notify Existing Cable/Satellite Company25 days prior
    Notify New Cable/Satellite Company25 days prior
    Notify Credit Cards25 days prior
    Notify Schools25 days prior
    Notify Magazines25 days prior
    Notify Book & Music clubs25 days prior
    Notify Doctor25 days prior
    Notify Dentist25 days prior
    Notify Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA)25 days prior
    Notify New Electric Company25 days prior
    Notify Existing Electric Company25 days prior
    Notify Garbage (special pick-up)25 days prior
    Notify Existing Telephone Company25 days prior
    Notify Loan Institutions25 days prior
    Notify Loyalty Programs25 days prior
    Notify Library25 days prior
    Notify Newspapers25 days prior
    Notify Catalogue Subscriptions25 days prior
    Notify New Water Company25 days prior
    Notify Existing Gas/Oil Company25 days prior
    Notify Non-government Supplementary Health Plan25 days prior
    Notify Insurance Agencies25 days prior
    Arrange for work that has to be done at new home25 days prior
    Notify New Telephone Company25 days prior
    Verify your moving in date with your new landlord15 days prior
    Collect items being cleaned or repaired 15 days prior
    Check to make sure you have returned all rented items15 days prior
    Check to make sure you have returned all borrowed items and get back any items you have loaned15 days prior
    Clean Rugs and Drapes5 days prior
    Take down any items that have been excluded in your contract5 days prior
    Prepare a list of items you'll need immediately at destination, such as a flashlight, light bulbs, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, pillows, sheets, blankets, towels, snacks and drinks. If not taking this box with you make sure it is marked: FIRST OFF 5 days prior
    Get utilities turned on, or meters read5 days prior
    Collect all keys including garage and shed for new owner1 day prior
    Leave garage door openers for new owner1 day prior
    Leave all manuals, warranties and guarantees for new owner1 day prior
    All Meters ReadMoving Day
    Lights Turned OffMoving Day
    Keys left as agreed with new residence/RealtorMoving Day
    Windows and doors lockedMoving Day
    Double check rooms, closets, drawers, shelves, outdoor areas and garage to make sure you've taken everythingMoving Day
    Make sure you have your Medical and Dental recordsMoving Day
    Furnace turned down or offMoving Day
    Get appliances hooked upMoving Day
    Give your new phone number and an alternate contact to your mover before they leaveMoving Day
    List claims for lost or damaged articlesMoving Day
    Make sure you have your Insurance policiesMoving Day
    Make sure you have your moving related documentsMoving Day
    Check to see appliances (refrigerator, freezer, washer and dryer, etc.) are workingMoving Day

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